Suncor Family Day Breakfast ! photo credit: Mike Ridewood

Howdy all y’all Calgary Stampede followers! How excited are you that The Greatest Outdoor Show on Earth has finally arrived? I know that I certainly am!  There are so many great old and new additions on park this year to partake in.

One great tradition that many families look forward to is coming up this Sunday July 5, 2015. The free Suncor Energy Family Day Breakfast will take place from 7-9:30 a.m., and will be served to the first 20,000 people with a breakfast ticket (distributed at park entrances) in the Grandstand Courtyard. Can you believe the first 20,000 people thru the gates will be granted FREE admission (from 6-9:00 a.m.) as well as be served up some of the best pancakes in town??

photo credit: Shane Kuhn
A happy family enjoying a free pancake breakfast! photo credit: Shane Kuhn

If that wasn’t enough to lure you early risers down to the grounds, there will also be a free show on the Grandstand Stage from 8 a.m. to 10 a.m., with entertainment from the Extreme Dunk show by  Acrodunk, a performance by Ukrainian Dancers Suzirya, Calgary Tai Chi Martial Arts College, the 2014 winner of the Nashville North Star competition Dylan Gillet and Mini Chuck Wagons.

There will also be a special 10:00 a.m. show of the President’s Choice SUPERDOGS on Suncor Family Day (Sunday, July 5). So if you’re trying to pack some more action into your family outing, make sure to check out the President’s Choice SUPERDOGS in Halls A and B of The Big Four building. If you have children, or if you’re a dog lover, there’s not much more to say; you will absolutely love this show!

President's Choice Superdogs !  photo credit :Tye Carson
President’s Choice SUPERDOGS! photo credit :Tye Carson

So why not take advantage of just one of the many value days to be found at Calgary Stampede 2015 and enjoy the rest of your free entrance on park by exploring so much more that Stampede has to offer.

Also as a fun suggestion, why not make friends with some people around you…find out where they’ve traveled from, what their favourite midway ride or food is and share your findings or photos on Twitter at @calgarystampede and @CS_NGC, or on Facebook through our official Facebook fan page.

Enjoy the pancakes!