IMG_0932 (1)Today we celebrate our fair country, strong and free—she just turned 148 and she’s not alone! The Calgary Stampede’s very own, Harry the Horse, celebrates his 30th birthday with Canada at Olympic Plaza.


Harry’s friends, Stampede family and passersby joined in on the fun. All morning we were serenaded by the Cowtown Opera, amused by the Green Fools and dazzled by first nations performers—then, 2000 of Harry’s guests were given a slice of birthday cake!

There are so many things that make this country a fantastic place to live—Harry the Horse and his team of passionate Calgary Stampede Promotion committee volunteers know this firsthand as they attend events every day, all over Canada, and throughout the world.


There’s one more sleep until the start of another Stampede and it’s clear here, with everyone already decked out in their best boots and cowboy hat in downtown Calgary, that we can’t wait for the festivities to start on Friday.

During Stampede time, the city of Calgary is at its peak and people from around the globe turn their attention to Canada. The Greatest Outdoor Show on Earth attracts more than one million visitors per year and we could not be prouder to share our unique brand of Western hospitality and community spirit with them.

Pictured: birthday boy giving out Harry the Horse toys to his adoring fans
Pictured: birthday boy giving out Harry the Horse toys to his adoring fans

Thanks to everyone who came out today to celebrate Canada’s and Harry’s birthday with us. We can’t wait to see you all again soon on Stampede Park!