July 2 – Chris Ellis, @71Ellis

Chris is a Facilities Coordinator for Statoil Canada. He loves photography because he loves to notice the details, see the beauty in the everyday and capture adventure.


July 3 – Britny Samuelson, @missbritny

I am a 25 year old Calgarian in love with my city and the mountains around it. I’ve always enjoyed the Stampede and have fond memories of attending the chuckwagon races with my grandparents as a child. I work as a graphic designer at a digital agency, but in my free time I love to take photos, hike, ski, listen to music, try out new foods and play the bass guitar or piano. I am passionate about my relationship with God and hope to be a person overflowing with joy and unconditional love.


July 4 – Dave Lieske, @davey_gravy

Davey Gravy has lived in his full life in Calgary. His art degree has trained him to be adaptable in any medium. Most recently, he has enjoyed capturing and sharing his story on social media. Dave loves exploring his province and the world.


July 5 – Christy Turner, @aurorachaseryyc

Christy Turner is a native Calgarian working in technology in the Oil & Gas industry. A voracious traveler, she has visited and photographed more than 70 countries and as a local hobby loves photographing and chasing the Aurora Borealis in Alberta’s backyard as well as the Arctic Circle. Her photos have been seen on CNN television, Huffington Post, and in Avenue Magazine in Calgary. Christy is passionate about sharing through her camera lens Calgary’s wonderful sights and cultural offerings, and showcasing Alberta’s natural beauty.


July 6 – Graeme Hull, @gj_hull

Graeme was born and raised in South Africa where he started taking pictures with an old film point and shoot. After moving to Canada and starting his university studies in zoology, he found photography was an exceptional way to relax and took it more seriously as a hobby. Since then it has become more than a hobby and the desire to continue has grown stronger as he has done commercial shoots for various musicians and non-profits.


July 7 – Kenneth Ng, @403.kenneth.ng

Kenneth’s background is in accounting and finance. In his free time he enjoys brushing up on his modernist cuisine techniques, mountaineering and sharing a cup of strong coffee with friends.

Kenneth joined Instagram to share his adventures and show off his city. His love of art, food and music, coupled with his curiosity and desire to experience new things, has led to some interesting opportunities lately– like taking over the Calgary Stampede Instagram account for a day! Join him this July by following @403.kenneth.ng

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July 8 – Chris Jurewicz, @jurewicz

Chris is 36, married to a gorgeous woman (inside and out) Alison and has a four-year-old son named Mason. He loves living in Calgary and looks forward to the Calgary Stampede every year. He’s a big music fan who grew up in the greatest decade of rock (the 90s!). Chris is proud to work at the City of Calgary and is a former employee of the Calgary Stampeders and Hockey Canada. He also graduated with a communications degree from Mighty Mount Royal College!



July 9 – Sariah Mayzes, @smayzies

Sariah is Alberta born and raised. Starting out in Edmonton and moving to Calgary at the age of 7. She loves to photograph anything and everything. Living in Alberta has given her the great opportunity to have a variety of landscapes at her fingertips to photograph and enjoy. She’s been taking photos from a very young age after seeing her mom with a camera in hand almost all the time. She started taking it more seriously as of 2012, and continues to learn and grow as a photographer and learn as much as she can about photography. She’s excited to see what the future has in store for her.


July 10 – Andrew Bell, @andrewshootsbanff

Hi, I’m Andrew  (@Andrewshootsbanff) and I moved from the UK to Banff 5 years ago with the intention of spending as much time in the mountains as possible. I snowboard in the winter and bike/hike through the summer. I carry my camera with me wherever I go, as you never quite know what wildlife you’re going to encounter when you live in the Rockies.

This year will mark my 3rd visit to the Calgary Stampede so I’m excited about the prospect of documenting for the official Instagram Feed.

Before arriving in Canada I had never worn a cowboy hat, never seen a Rodeo and couldn’t imagine wearing boots to a business meeting… but Stampede has become one of the events that I look forward to most each year. My favourite thing about it is the wide range of amazing foods available for guests on Stampede Park. I’m particularly looking forward to sampling a “donut-burger” this year!

I’ll be on site with my camera on July 10th so if you see me, come say hello!


July 11 -Julie, @cafe.727

Iʼm Julie and Iʼm addicted to shooting (if youʼll forgive the pun). To me, photos are like visual diary – pixels upon pixels of captured moments that you can never get back, but can enjoy for many years. You could say that I see the world around me through my camera lens. I see landscapes and imagine them with a little post editing before I even capture them – no picture can ever do justice to Banff but with some bumped-up saturation, it becomes more beautiful and majestic! When someone says, “donʼt take my picture, Iʼm not looking my best!”, I tell them, “in my light, you look perfect”.  No one ever looks bad in good lighting – and of course, I donʼt tell them that. Whether I am using my dslr, my compact point and shoot, or my camera phone, I am always 100% charged – you just never know when a magic moment will happen. Oh, and to live in Calgary where we have limitless landscapes within the city and within short distances to the lakes and mountains, how cool is that? Yes, even in winter. Follow me on Instagram @cafe.727


July 12 – Kristian Chaytor, @ckristian44