The Calgary Comic & Entertainment Expo was held in the BMO Centre from April 16-19. More than 100,000 people attended and included stars of all kinds, such as Arrow, Agent Carter and Aquaman, to name just a few.

You may remember that Spider Man once came to the Calgary Stampede, too. He joined forces with The Rangers to fight Man-Bull and the Dreadknight in the Infield. But Spiderman wasn’t the Stampede’s only VIP guest that year. Stampede was also visited by a group of teens from Riverdale. That’s right, Archie, Betty, Veronica and Jughead travelled to the Greatest Outdoor Show on Earth in the summer of 1992.

The gang was visiting their friend Greg, who lives on a ranch outside of Riverdale and whose dad was a bull rider set to compete at the Calgary Stampede. When Greg’s barrel-racing Canadian cousin Rita invites the gang, they hop in their pickup for a road trip to the Stampede City.

After a quick wardrobe update – “from dud to dude” – featuring the requisite boots, jeans, western shirt and hat, the gang enjoyed square dancing outside of Eaton’s on Stephen Avenue, chuckwagon races, fireworks and a concert at the “Teen Ranch.” Of course, what would a trip to the Stampede be without pancakes? Jughead’s main mission was to sniff out as many free breakfasts as possible.

1 - Archie from Dud to Dude

Jughead tastes his first Stampede Breakfast

Archie, who was so bad at riding horses he once fell off a carousel, tried his hand at mutton busting but was not much of a competitor.

2 - Archie Mutton Busting

Archie gets busted by a mutton

Trying to hide out of embarrassment, Archie dressed up as a rodeo clown and was thrown into the Infield where he hides from a bull in a barrel. In the end, the gang returned to Riverdale with Jughead still dreaming of those delicious pancakes.

3 - Archie as Rodeo Clown

Archie saves the day

You may be wondering why the Stampede had so many comic visitors in 1992. That was the 80th anniversary of the first Stampede. The first page of the Archie comic pays tribute to the origins of the event, showcasing the parade with a Mountie and First Nations man leading the way. Guy Weadick, founder of the Stampede, and Tom Three Persons, the first “World Bronc Riding Champ,” are highlighted too. The Big Four are conspicuously absent, so next time Archie comes for a visit we’ll be sure to let him know that A.E. Cross, A.J. MacLean, George Lane and Pat Burns financed Weadick’s event.

After Archie and the gang’s time at the Calgary Stampede, they went to outer space in issue 404. A fitting way to follow up a visit to the Greatest Outdoor Show on Earth!