ENMAX Park development has been underway since the end of Stampede 2014. What used to be gravel parking lots and storage facilities is on its way to becoming a new green space for the public to enjoy.

To develop to space from what was called “brown space” to “green space” is a fairly large undertaking with a price tag of $15 million. Included in this transformation is a pedestrian bridge able to withstand a flood-level river, burying electrical pylons underground to enhance the aesthetics of the river park and relocating Indian Village to the new space which will provide the Treaty Seven First Nations triple the space they now have. The new Indian Village will include a 6,200sq. ft. refurbished  administrative building along with a new performance stage.

12.04.11-ENMAX PARK

The Park will be a beautiful place to enjoy family gatherings, festivals or bike riding or riverfront walks. More than 200 trees are being planted along with 800 shrubs to enhance the space.

As the Park is built, the main river pathway has been closed. The Calgary Stampede has created a bypass pathway that is currently being used and will continue until the Park is completed. Once the Park is completed, the bypass pathway is only scheduled to be used during Stampede time when the Park is programmed for Stampede.

ENMAX Park is scheduled to be completed for Stampede 2016.