In addition to The Peking Acrobats, you can find a few touches of the east in our wild west to celebrate the Year of the Horse.

Martial arts and dance groups from the local Chinese community are here performing the Lion Dance.

Lion Dancers Stampede 2014 (phot taken by Baruch Laskin)5

The groups include World Pak Mei Hup Ging Do Martial Arts Association, Kugekai Lion Dance Team, Jing Wo Martial Arts & Athletics Association of Canada and Bak Mei Chin-na San-da Academy.

The Kugekai Lion Dance Team is a local performance art group based in Calgary. Over the last two decades, they have treated Calgarians with the traditional art of Chinese Lion Dancing. While retaining most of the traditional elements, they infuse modern moves and stunts to keep things fresh!

Here are a few fun facts about Lion Dancing:
– it ushers in good luck and fortune
– the loud music drives away bad spirits
– we only take slight offense when it’s referred to as “Dragon Dancing”
– people sometimes mistakenly hear it as “Line Dancing” – which makes for some interesting conversations!

Look for them around the Midway!