I’ve always been interested in meeting new people and hearing their stories. When a friend recommended I check out Humans of New York (HONY), it’s safe to say I was hooked. The creator has a unique ability to relate to his subjects and get them to open up about their life.

As I followed the pages more, I started to think how great a project like this would be for the Calgary Stampede. As Calgary Stampede volunteers, we meet so many interesting people and we are lucky to live in a city that rallies together every year for the greatest outdoor show on earth! With visitors and participants from all over the world in attendance, there is no shortage of fascinating people to meet.

I pitched the idea to the Social Media Committee I am a member of and ‘Folks of Stampede’ was born.

Turns out I was not the only one inspired by HONY. When we found out local photographer Kelly Hofer was planning a similar project, it only made sense to collaborate. Kelly is an amazing photographer who participated in the Calgary Stampede Instagram take over last year and we can’t wait to work with him on this project.

Watch out for our team roaming the Calgary Stampede park and attractions. We just might ask to your picture!

Photo 7-3-2014, 11 03 00 AM

Folks of Stampede will be posted on the Calgary Stampede Volunteer social media pages using hashtag #CSFolks.

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Twitter: @cs_volunteers

Facebook: Folks of Stampede