Doris Ufoegbune and Kevin Ufoegbune are the hosts and producers of Flavours of Africa, an African cooking show on SHAW TV. The aim of Flavours of Africa is to provide the public with authentic dishes that are delicious, easy and healthy. Their motto is that food is culture, and that cultures that eat together, stay together, through food, we can continue to appreciate diversity and promote cultural unity. Flavours of Africa will be on the Calgary Co-op Kitchen Theatre stage (July 5 & 6 at 11:30 a.m.) in the Western Oasis, BMO Centre Halls D & E.

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Calgary Stampede (CS): Briefly Tell Us about Yourself

Doris Ufoegbune: I am an entrepreneur, writer, creator and the producer of Flavours of Africa, Canada’s first African Cooking show which can be seen on Shaw Television here in Calgary. I host the show with my son, Kevin, who is also a writer, creator and a producer.

I was a teacher in Nigeria and I immigrated to Canada to start a new life with my husband Ugochukwu Ufoegbune who continues to support me in everything I do. We have three children, Nicole Ufoegbune, Tracy Ufoegbune and Kevin Ufoegbune. In 2005, I launched a catering business called Global Cuisine Catering Services with award winning signature dishes such as lasagne, jambalaya, Gumbo and lamb roast. The City of Ottawa invited me to cater for them and as a result, the Ottawa Citizen coined me, “caterer devoted to her artistry”. Through my company and culinary artistry I was invited to Margaret Trudeau’s Embassy dinner, an event that often drew over six hundred people a year. I have catered to ambassadors, dignitaries, various organizations, institutions, groups and individuals. I recently launched a more contemporary catering business called Doris Catering Services and delightfully cater to weddings, celebrations, special occasions, office parties, gatherings and holiday parties.

Following his graduation from Carleton University my son Kevin and I created a television program called Flavours of Africa in order to preserve and promote African cuisine, traditions and culture and to support Canadian multiculturalism. We also aim to draw attention towards significant societal subject matter.

CS: What Do You Love About Your Job?

Catering and hosting a cooking show on television are both so rewarding and when people come to you and say, keep up the good work, you feel proud. For the most part, through our catering business and television show, we have reached notable individuals and organizations in our society, such as Mr. Charles Sirois, the founder of Enablis, The Honourable Jim Prentice, the Mayor of Calgary and FOX 45 News in Baltimore where we showcased our signature dish Gumbo, live on air. Now my son and I, through our company, Flavours of Africa are the first African Chefs to do a food presentation at the Calgary Stampede. We are so honoured to be invited to the biggest outdoor event in the world.” “Yee-haw, Yahoo” No Wahala . It is such a pleasure working with my son Kevin.


CS: Do You Have a Favourite Memory of the Calgary Stampede or Kitchen?

Calgary was the first City in Canada that I lived in upon arriving from Nigeria. The Calgary Stampede was also the first Canadian event that I ever attended. It was so nostalgic for me, as it took me back to the days when I was growing up in Nigeria and watching John Wayne movies and seeing men dressed in cowboy clothes. Many years later, I am still fascinated about the Calgary Stampede; I like the Chuckwagon racing, the Stampede parade, the concerts, the music and the bull ride – those are my favourites. I absolutely cannot wait to present our food to the Calgary stampede. The dishes will be so mouth watering and we are sure to bring a great deal of excitement and energy to the crowd! Enjoy the Jambalaya, our signature dish!

For more information please visit our website Flavours of Africa

CS: Do You Have a Recipe You Would Like to Share With Our Readers?

Plantain dish

Easy recipe

1 ripe plantain
1 cup of oil
Frying pan
Salt to taste
Finely ground peppers
Paper towels
Thinly slice the plantain
Heat the oil and fry the plantain until it is golden in colour.
Place the fried plantain in the paper towel to reduce excess oil
Season with salt and the black peppers

Can be eaten alone or with our delicious jambalaya.