The Calgary Stampede’s star horses are stamping out their brand all over Texas this season, and none more so than Stampede Warrior. After a string of championship-winning rides already, Stampede Warrior set a new arena record of an astounding 94 points at Rodeo Houston this past Saturday.

Paired with veteran saddle bronc rider Cody DeMoss of Louisiana, Stampede Warrior kicked out a fierce and powerful performance with her signature change-up moves. This sharp mare knows how to put on a show, and her kicks and performances grow stronger and stronger with each time out of the chutes since swapping from the bareback to the saddle bronc event this season. DeMoss was up to the challenge, meeting her moves with expert form. Together, the pairing scored an unbelievable 94 points, shattering the previous Houston arena record believed to be 91. Click HERE to view this historic ride on the Rodeo Houston website.


(Above) Stampede Warrior and Cody DeMoss shatter the arena record at Rodeo Houston this past weekend. Photo courtesy Rodeo Houston.

Such a score is incredibly rare in rodeo. For example, the highest score ever recorded in a Canadian pro rodeo was 95 points in a pairing by Stampede Warrior’s sire, the legendary Grated Coconut, with Canadian bareback rider Davey Shields Jr. during the 2005 Calgary Stampede.


(Above) Stampede Warrior gives Cody DeMoss the ride of his life to set an arena record score of 94 in Houston. Photo courtesy Rodeo Houston.

Rodeo Houston was also brought to its feet by many other strong Stampede horse performances. Following Stampede Warrior’s footsteps in the saddle bronc event Saturday night, Lynx Mountain kicked out an 89-point ride for Texan Brad Harter, copied by another Stampede star veteran, Knight Rocket, who carried Aussie Sam Spreadborough to an 89-point ride as well.

Not to be outshone, Stampede’s bareback broncs represented Canada well. Soap Bubbles carried Frenchman Evan Jayne to a 90-point ride in the bareback event. Same night and same event, two other Stampede horses scored 89 points – Muffled Cries bucked out an 89 with Arizona cowboy Tom McFarland and Princess Warrior paired up with Calfornia’s Steven Peebles to score 89.

The night before, Peebles also found success on the back of another Stampede star – Twin Cherry. This wilely mare put on a show, scoring 90 points for Peebles. Her Stampede trail-mate, Trail Dust, scored a surprising 90 points with Austen Foss –  surprising because this powerful gelding has a lot of change-ups and jerk-down moves that tend to score high points for stock performance, yet leaves most cowboys a little short on their side of the ledger as they struggle to hang on. Foss, a cowboy from Orgeon, cracked the Trail Dust code, showing other cowboys what it takes to kick out a high score on this powerful Stampede gelding.

Houston is just latest stop on the Texas rodeo run where Texas rodeo fans have been forced to sit up and take notice of the Canadians broncs that have dominated the big rodeos over the past two months. For example, Stampede Warrior has played a major starring role in the past few rodeos she’s competed in. In the March 2 All American Rodeo in Arlington, Texas, she carried Iowa’s Wade Sundell to the championship title and $100,000 pay-day in the final four shoot-out round in front of a crowd of 60,000 fans. See Stampede Warrior in action in this feature video about her.

Stampede horses also dominated in San Antonio earlier in February. Special Delivery was named Bareback Horse of the San Antonio Rodeo after winning Steven Peebles the championship title in the bareback event.

I recently chatted with hosts of the CBC Calgary Eyeopener program about Stampede Warrior’s record ride and our breeding program. Click HERE to hear our discussion.

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