*(this is a guest blog post from on of Next Generation Committee’s Graham McCrimmon)*

I was lucky enough to take part in the Mini Chuck races last night at the Big Top (and even had a chance to drive a team around for a few loops)- was it absolutely incredible.

Think : take all the fun and excitement from regular Chuckwagon races and squeeze it into a smaller, explosive package.  The mini horses may be small in stature, but are big in personality and have only one speed; Turbo.

The drivers had a tough time pulling them to a stop to get the races started and as soon as the horn blew they kicked into action.  Drivers got thrown back as the horses hustled around the barrels in a figure 8 pattern.  Dirt came flying off the wheels, chuckwagons whipped around the corners teetering on two wheels as the two racers would collide into each other racing around the first corner.  Drivers encouraged their team around the track at max speed and the majority of the races were neck in neck.  Be prepared to hold your breath as adrenalin runs high from start to finish.

If you missed last night’s exciting races, make sure you make it a priority to plan your Stampede around this thrilling event for next year- I guarantee you won’t be disapointed.  This has instantly become one of my favourite events during 10-day.