Snacking on Stampede Park is what I imagine being two inches tall, standing in a fully stocked refrigerator would be like. There is so much, so brightly colored. Everywhere you look there are snacks, and eats and some tasty treats. Yesterday’s #CSFoodie challenge was sweets, and oh boy was it sweet! The overall winner was deep fried pies. While I don’t necessarily agree with this opinion I can respect it. 009

The pies were  $9 and the caramel drizzled on top was a little sweet for me. However the portion was a good lunch (if any one person can eat that much sugar) and they were quite pretty. I gave the pies a 3/5.

019My overall favorite of the day was the deep-fried Oreos. Growing up in the Netherlands I grew accustomed to pancake houses where these small bite-size pancakes called “Poffertjs” were served, covered in a layer of icing sugar and sometimes with chocolate sauce drizzled over top. Bearing in mind that I haven’t had these delectable little pieces of gold in nine years, these Poffertjs are what the deep fried Oreo’s tasted like to me. They are portable and pretty and the serving size is good. For these reasons I give the deep-fried Oreo’s a 4.5/5.

002I think the Pineapple Whip would be nice in the sun on a really hot day. There are different varieties around the park, one was more of a snow cone and the other was a soft ice cream type food. I ordered the small and I promise you I could not have eaten all of it before it melted. Despite the fact that $5 seemed a bit much for a “small” I gave the Pineapple Whip a 3.5/5.

023The deep-fried cheesecake, I suspect, would go over very well in the middle of a rainstorm. It almost reminded me of an overstuffed crepe. The portion was smaller but it suited the flavor, I would rate the deep-fried cheese cake a 3/5.

013The caramel apple is good any time. By the time we got this far down the list, it was nice to have some fruit. If you had eaten all the other stuff on the list in the previous 45 min, before we got to the apple, you would be glad for it too. The portions vs price was good. $3 for a caramel apple is as good a sweet/healthy value as you are likely to find on the park.

In addition to the foods I have already talked about, we tried: dessert fries, a strawberry elephant ear, an Oreo sundae, red velvet funnel cake, B52 fudge and Cinnamon Bear fudge. All in all the snacks were pretty good especially if you are willing to risk a cavity or three!