The Calgary Stampede has 47 volunteer committees and over 2,300 volunteers. We’re sharing their stories year-round. Thanks to Ashley Archer for talking to Kat Macaulay from the Parade Committee.

Kat Macauley with the Chair of the Calgary Stamped Parade Committee on the day of the parade


Which committee(s) do you volunteer with?

I am on the Parade Committee; Sub Chair of the Parade Production Committee.

What does your committee do?

The parade kicks off the greatest outdoor show on earth. Our sub committee looks after media, social media, marketing and broadcast of the parade. Our job is to raise the profile of parade and share it around the world!

How long have you volunteered with the Calgary Stampede?

This is my second year as a volunteer.

What’s your favourite thing about volunteering with the Stampede/your committee?

The people. I’ve always been very focused on being an active member of the community and making a meaningful contribution. I don’t believe there’s a better way to get involved in the community of Calgary than volunteering alongside folks at the Calgary Stampede. I’ve met wonderful people and made lifelong friends.

What’s your favourite thing to do at the Stampede when you’re not volunteering?

Love Draft Horse Town. The folks on that committee are so patient, friendly and willing to chat for hours as you pick their brain about draft horses. A must visit stop on park!

Any advice for new visitors to the Stampede?

Leave your comfort zone. Visit the animals. Ask questions. Test the food (even if it seems strange!) And most importantly, take your time and enjoy it!

Best part of Stampede 101 so far?

As a gal from Cape Breton, it was moving to witness the passion, spirit and vibrancy of the community in their efforts to get Stampede back on track after the devastation caused by flooding; it was truly nothing short of miraculous.

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