When Filipe Leite reached out to us, we were curious what this Ontarian was all about and why he wanted to establish a connection with the Stampede.

We learned that Filipe had immigrated from Brazil to Canada as a youngster. In Grade 9, he visited Alberta and among the foothills and all the agriculture, he had an epiphany: he missed horses. He had been brought up on horses by his father, a cowboy, and dreamed of a great adventure on horseback all his life.

At 25, he made up his mind that he would ride 10,000 miles and through 12 countries on horseback from Canada to Brazil. He contacted us because he wanted to kick off his adventure at the Calgary Stampede.

It’s now one year since Filipe set off from Stampede Park. He has traveled south through the United States from Calgary, through the Chihuahua Desert and is now in southern Mexico, ready to journey into Guatemala.

Congratulations on your first year, Filipe! We wish you safe travels and many adventures.

Filipe in Calgary in July 2012

You can follow Filipe’s adventure on OutWild TV and on Twitter (@filipemasetti)