Wild Cherry. His name says it all.

He’s a truly wild ride, but the payoff if sweet if you can hold on.

Young Lane Watt, a novice saddle bronc rider from Hardisty Alberta, tested out the wild side at Saturday afternoon’s rodeo. As soon as the chutes opened, Wild Cherry bucked so high he was almost vertical, kicking the safety pads covers clear off of a 6’6” steel chute.

Three jumps and it was a no-contest. Wild Cherry easily dumped Lane in the dirt. Check out his dad’s reaction, seen in the blue shirt to his left.

wild cherry 1

Stay tuned for future updates on this amazing young talented colt.

For a bit more detail on his lineage, his mother is F-16 Flavoured Cherry and his dad is six-time world champion G-65 Grated Coconut. Wild Cherry was born to a recipient mare while Flavoured Cherry was still on top of her game, making several trips to the Canadian Finals Rodeo and the Calgary Stampede. She’s now retired from performing and in her second career raising new stars for the Stampede, like Wild Cherry.