As Stampede staff we are asked each year for suggestions on what to eat on Park and where. We have our own favourites, but no official list to note them, no “Jillian’s Picks’ or ‘Lindsey’s Favourites’.  This is where the brand new Stampede Foodies team and categories come in! This team of Foodies will eat their way around Stampede Parks and tweet, Instagram and Vine their findings, in the end voting for their favourite food of the day.  The team, made up of 15 has been hand selected to rove the park, testing a new category of food each day to select their favourites.  The daily winning food will be announced on the Stampede Facebook page each day around 4:00 pm. The categories embrace the variety of the foods you can find on the Park and allow us to have a little fun

bacon ear

Best Food on a Stick
Just as it sounds! A day devoted to the crazy foods we put on sticks, from pizza to pork chops.

Best Deep Fried Food
At Stampede we love all things deep fried, so why not put our Foodies to task to finding out what is better deep fried.

Best International Flavour
With visitors from around the world we welcome the chance to taste our way through different international favourites.

Best Alternative Food Option
Not everything on Park is fried or coated in chocolate!  We have selected foods that are allergy sensitive or healthier options for our Foodies to put to the test.

Best Refreshment
There is nothing like a nice, cool beverage on a hot summer day, so we’re sipping our way to our favourite refreshment.

Best Sweet Treat
The ultimate category for those with a sweet tooth, the Foodies will test their sugar levels by sampling the best sweets we have to offer.

Best Food Between Buns
At Stampede burgers and sandwiches come in all forms, including inside a donut, so we are letting our tastebuds do the talking for the best between buns.

Best Value
Each day we are selecting our favourite flavour, as well as creating a list of the best value options on Park, which we will sample once more on the final Foodie day to find the Best Value option.

Who are these judges anyway and how were they selected?

We asked that any interested staff or Committee volunteer member submit a food resume that showcased their creativity, social media prowess and enthusiasm for all things food. The entries were as unique and artistic as the group itself, including an #omnomnom ‘movie trailer’; a live, in office, theatre performance;  a food scrapbook; and a story all about corn dogs, to name a few.

The Foodies will be using the hashtags #CSFoodie and #omnomnom in their posts, so keep an eye out for their suggestions!

The 15 brave foodies taking on the flavours of Stampede are:

Colleen Bishop Event Coordinator, Sales & Event Management
Kerri Logan People Services Advisor (Instagram: @KerriLogan)
Jillian Cook Assistant Coordinator, Midway Programming (Instagram and twitter: @jilliancook3)
Sarah Rivest Park Development and Native Programming Coordinator (twitter: @sarahjrivest)
Jen Mayuga Marketing Coordinator (Instagram: @magugz)
Skiles Hornig Communications Advisor
Patricia Hoy (Larson) Volunteer, Concession and Exhibits Committee (twitter: @stampedenomnom)
Mark Brennan Volunteer, Social Media, Promotion Committee
Patrick Jackson Volunteer, Concession and Exhibits Committee (Instagram and twitter: @stampedecuisine)
Reg Tiangha Volunteer, Promotion Committee (twitter: @regtiangha)
Myra Sanders Volunteer, Historical Committee (Instagram and twitter: @myrapeipei)
Barb Drake Volunteer, Western Showcase
Jill Cross Volunteer, Public Art Committee (twitter: @JillMCross)             
Shauna DeMaere Volunteer, Western Showcase  (Instagram and twitter: @shaunademaere)
Karen Evans Volunteer, Window on the West Committee

So follow along as we experience Stampede 101 the CS Foodie way!


Written by:

Lindsey Kendrick (Instagram and twitter: @elleaykay)

Jillian Cook