It’s May…already?! Wow does time fly!! Throughout our busy schedules in and around the city, everyone- including my Stampede sisters and I- are buzzing about just how soon the start to the 2013 Calgary Stampede actually is! We are so excited to not only be spreading the word and generating excitement about the 101st Stampede, but getting ourselves and our Stampede horses ready for such an event! Over the course of the spring we have been busy keeping up with our events around the city, learning more about the different and exciting elements to this year’s Stampede (like Deep-fried Bubble Gum…!?!) , and riding our trusty equine partners, so that we are as prepared for the 2013 Stampede as we can be!

One of the most recent events my Stampede sisters and I attended was very close to my heart as we had an opportunity to get some younger generations excited about the Calgary Stampede and recruit potential Calgary Stampede Queen & Princesses! As Royalty we were asked to visit the Percy Pegler School in Okotoks for a meet & greet and story reading with the grade 1 classes. Now why was this particular event so special to me?? Well my little sister happened to be one of the students we got to visit! -And let me tell you, she was SO excited to be able to see myself, Catherine, Jessica and Amber in our ‘Royal’ gear at HER school! It was a very memorable moment to be able to share my passion and role as a Stampede Princess with my little sister and her classmates; plus I am pretty sure we convinced a large portion of the grade 1 girls, including my little sister of course, to think about becoming future Calgary Stampede Queen & Princesses! There was also an opportunity at the school for our French Princess, Catherine, to read to the grade 1 French class. I think that this was such a neat opportunity as it showed the diversity of our trio and how we have been able to relay the Calgary Stampede message through different avenues!  





After our visit with the grade 1 students we had an interview with Routes Magazine, which is a local lifestyle magazine for the community of High River. The article is titled “Life as 2013 Calgary Stampede Royalty” and it covers everything from why we wanted to become Stampede Royalty, to how we have managed to balance our Royal duties with our other commitments, to advice for the upcoming 2014 Trio! Here’s the link to give it a read!  

Although our duties as Stampede Royalty are ramping up and we seem to be getting continually busier, I’d like to take this time to say that I have been having a blast being a Calgary Stampede Princess! With the people I have been able to meet and experiences that have made some fantastic memories, this opportunity of being a member of the 2013 Stampede Royalty has been nothing short of an amazing adventure and I cannot wait to see what new and exciting adventures are just around the corner!

Have a great week and I will talk to you soon!!

-Princess Danielle

PS- Did you know May is the month of Mr. George Strait’s Birthday?? Well it is! And here is your song for the week-“Cowboys like Us” – a great song choice to get you in the Stampede spirit!