Behind every Calgary Stampede Queen or Princess is a noble steed…. and ours just happen to be quite a handsome bunch! Throughout the year we get to use Quarter Horses, Hawk, Kansas and Snoopy, for numerous events throughout the province, including parades, meet & greets and for grand entries at multiple rodeos- including the greatest of them all, The Calgary Stampede! Although “our boys” (Hawk, Kansas and Snoopy) are seasoned veterans in what to expect throughout the busy year, we are not! Therefore, as a part of our duties and responsibilities throughout our reign, my Stampede sisters and I get to exercise, groom and develop a relationship with our equine princes throughout the months ahead!

Last week was our first official meeting with the boys for the 2013 season and my Stampede sisters and I were quite excited to use our new saddles, which were sponsored by Eamor’s Custom Saddlery, and get to exercising our new royal partners! Throughout the year, Hawk, Kansas and Snoopy call Heathercrest Ranch home and we are fortunate enough to be able to use Heathercrest Ranch’s facilities to practise and improve our skills with the horses on a weekly basis. I would like to take this time to thank Heathercrest Ranch for supporting the Royalty and taking such great care of our royal horses throughout the year as it is much appreciated by all!

IMG-20130328-00761 (2)The first meeting with our boys went great! We adjusted our equipment, groomed and familiarized ourselves with each horse and got to learn a bit about each of their personalities…which I am sure we will learn much more about in the next couple of weeks!  I am so excited to have started this aspect of our role as Calgary Stampede Royalty, as riding in the grand entry at the Calgary Stampede has been a dream of mine since I was a little girl! Now I get to see the behind the scenes look at the great horses that allow us to make some of those memories my Stampede sisters and I have dreamed about making come true!

I cannot believe that our reign is over halfway finished and I am truly grateful to have been given such a great opportunity that has allowed me to experience and learn so many new things about our own community and new ones alike, The Calgary Stampede and myself 🙂

I wish you all a great week and will talk to you soon!

-Princess Danielle

Ps- Your George Strait song for the week is: “Check Yes or No”-one of his classics and one of my favorites! Enjoy!