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This past weekend, two of our newest NGC members had the opportunity to attend a taping of the iconic tv show “The Price is Right”. By the sounds of it, Andrea and Kara had a great time suiting up in our committee shirts and Centennial cowboy hats and taking in this special event. Please read on to find out more about their experience below! Did anyone else happen to catch the show?!

Andrea and Kara of NGC had a great evening watching this iconic show being taped at the BMO Centre.
Andrea and Kara of NGC had a great evening watching this iconic show being taped at the BMO Centre.

Last night Andrea and I had the pleasure of attending the Price is Right Live show that came through Calgary. Going to the Price is Right is one of those Bucket List items, so when the opportunity presented itself, we jumped on it! (Bucket List item #26, check!) Like so many others, we both experienced a healthy dose of nostalgia – the Price is Right was our entertainment when we were home from school sick.  Oh, the memories.

We knew we needed to register to be a contestant before the show, so we arrived a little early. The line-up in the BMO Centre was longer than the line to get into Nashville North on the first night of Stampede! During our 30 minute wait (not so bad!) we were distracted by the hundreds of neon shirts worn by contestant hopefuls. As we made our way through, we got a chance to really take in the decades worth of Stampede posters that decorated the hallway. Normally when I’m making my way through the BMO Centre, I’m in a hurry to get to a Flames game or a concert and don’t take a minute to enjoy the history on display. My personal favourite was the 1914 poster promising “High Class Entertainment” with a picture of a young girl and her collie. It made me wonder who the people were that designed all these posters – and what would they think of the Calgary Stampede as it is today?

I digress – back to the Price is Right. With no more than five minutes to spare we finally got our iconic yellow name tags (I wore mine like a badge of honour and took more than a few self-portraits) and headed to our seats. The lights faded, the theme music started, and we were in Price is Right heaven. Over the next couple hours, we watched lucky audience members hear their names called (“Come on Down!”) as our host Mark Walberg (no, not THAT Mark Wahlberg, sigh) kept us entertained and hopeful we’d be next. Sadly for Andrea and I, we didn’t hear our names called, but we did our fair share of guessing prices and celebrating victories. The games played – Cliffhanger, Plinko, even the Big Wheel – were cute, miniature versions of what you see on TV. True, the prize values weren’t as steep, but they still gave away some fantastic stuff, including a trip to Las Vegas!

It wouldn’t be the Price is Right without the Showcase – but instead of two contestants, one lucky audience member heard her name called and got a chance to bid. It just so happened to be her birthday, too, that’s the best birthday gift I could have asked for! The showcase started out with a poker set, but quickly escalated – a big screen TV, a trip to Hollywood – and YES – a brand new car!! Now THAT, I didn’t expect. After plenty of humming and haaa-ing, and a cute moment where the birthday girl considered the state of the American economy before guessing on prices, she placed her bid – and won it all! It was the perfect end to a fantastic night, and of course, her sister rushed up on stage and celebrated the moment with her. I left with a smile on my face – and I hope that next time, if there is a next time, it’ll be me on stage celebrating my new car. 

Thanks ladies for your insight and I know we will all look forward to many more blog posts once you get your own accounts up and running and experience all the Calgary Stampede has to offer!