Since 2005, the Western Legacy Awards have honored individuals and organizations for their outstanding contributions in promoting western values and preserving western heritage within the community.   Traditionally, three awards (Sustained Contribution, Innovation, Youth) recognize people from Calgary and the surrounding area who have acted on their visions to create a better community.

In celebration of the Calgary Stampede’s Centennial, the volunteers who lead our Western Legacy Awards committee expanded awards program to  honour 100 Albertans who have promoted the values of western hospitality, pride of place, integrity and commitment to community.

I’m a fan of W.O. Mitchell and was pleased to see his name on the list, since he displayed a tremendous pride of place in his depictions of the prairie way of life. In fact I was reminded that it’s about time I dug out my copy of Who Has Seen the Wind and read it to my young daughter.

But there’s way more than 100 Albertans who have demonstrated western hospitality, pride of place, integrity and commitment to community – in bettering their community.

So the question is: who would be on your list?

Thanks for your thoughts on the great people who make our province great!