If there’s one thing you can’t predict during Stampede week, it’s the weather. It can be too hot, too cold, too rainy…sometimes even snow has been known to fall! This past Saturday, July 14 there were some pretty dark, ominous rain clouds looming threatening a storied torrential downpour- however, the rain managed to stay light and finish just in time for a spectacular TransAlta Light up the City show.

This lucky turn of events allowed our second Light up the City family winners (the McClelland’s) an opportunity to spark the beginning of the show, erupting five international-scale firework displays across our city.

How did we choose the McClelland’s from a sea of entries? Well, read on to hear their story:

“Our family would love to press the plunger to set off the fireworks. This is my 15th Stampede as a volunteer and am very blessed to serve as the Chair of the Promotion committee. However, there’s a strong Stampede connection to my family as well. As my submission to “My Stampede” states, I met my wife during Stampede in 1998 and my oldest daughter was born on Parade Day, July 5, 2002- right at the time the fireworks were going off at around 11:30 PM. We remind her at every birthday that “the whole city threw a parade and set off fireworks to celebrate her birth”! We celebrated her 10th birthday the day before the Centennial Stampede started and would love to have our family set off the plunger in the context above!”

Thanks to all who participated not only in the Light up the City contest with us, but also our daily twitter contest in which we had the awesome opportunity to give away some great prizes to our followers! (Think Rodeo tickets, GMC Rangeland Derby/Evening show tickets, Johnny Reid concert tickets and a few special Centennial Stampede prize packs). Our online presence side of NGC loved seeing the entries come thru the twitter feed every day, garnering photos and submissions for our #CSTimeCapsule project.

We hope you all thoroughly enjoyed your Centennial Stampede- it was one we shall not soon forget…and can’t wait to celebrate with you all for Stampede#101!