Have you ever wondered what goes on behind the scenes in the life of a professional cowboy? This week I went behind the chutes to learn about a group of dedicated medical experts who help take care of the cowboys and cowgirls at  the Calgary Stampede. Much like that of an Olympic athlete they need to take care of their bodies. Each day that they are training or competing they are putting themselves through intense physical conditions. These athletes know the importance of sports medicine and they often seek treatment before and after their performance each day.

This year EMF Radiology is sponsoring a team of medical practioners who are on site to provide chiropractic, massage and athletic therapy to all the competitors. They treat a wide variety of ailments, ranging from a stiff neck from a long drive to a sore arm from a wild saddle bronc ride or a hip injury from a bull ride. On any given day this group sees between 20 and 30 athletes.

“We work together with the cowboys to help them stay in tip-top shape” says Dr. Don Smith, a chiropractor with the sports medicine team on Park. “We develop relationships with each and every athlete and help provide treatment along with advice that they can take to the next rodeo.”

 An athletic therapist works out the knots in a cowboy’s back before he rides: