I bumped into Allyson Simpson on the Stampede Grounds yesterday afternoon. She was there representing Energy in Action – a great environmental education program that some of our Stampede Sponsors have participated in in the past – including EnCana, Cenvous, and Talisman Energy!

I asked her what brought Energy in Action to the grounds for Kids Day and here’s what she had to say!

“Like two peas in a pod, Energy In Action and the Calgary Stampede share similar visions on environmental education. For example, the Agrium Ag-tivity Discovery Centre showcased a hands on learning area for children to see the different types of Foothill ecosystems located in our region. Each sample gave a description of what they ecosystems look like, how they survive and what we can do as individuals and industries to protect them. Building environmental awareness is a key focus to Energy In Action, and it was very rewarding to see the positive impacts we can have, today and tomorrow.  

From the Stampede marketplace to the Agrium Ag-tivity Discovery Centre there were attractions to suit all types. Our first awe was at the new Centennial Zip Line ride where adventure seekers fly across the grounds in mere seconds! If that’s not your interest, children were ‘hanging ten’ in the new surf zone or snapping a pic with a friendly clown. This year’s Centennial Stampede was definitely 100 years’ worth of fun!”

Thanks Allyson! And thanks Energy in Action for having fun at the Agrium Ag-tivity Discovery Centre and on the Stampede Grounds.

You can check out some of the adventures Energy in Action had yesterday on their Twitter feed and hopefully get some ideas for fun, educational opportunities for your family of the grounds.

– Christina