For many years, the Calgary Stampede has presented a bilingual anthem to the Grandstand audience prior to the Evening Show.

This year, on the Thursday and Friday evening, we attempted a non-traditional version of the bilingual anthem, with a choir singing along to a recording of themselves. The arrangement was a little more complex and non-traditional. We had some feedback that guests didn’t like it. It just wasn’t the traditional arrangement that they expected!

So Saturday morning – on what was a busy day – we quickly re-recorded a hurry-up traditional version and being limited by time, we did an English only version. This was presented Saturday, Sunday and Monday evenings.

We’re working hard to bring back the traditional bilingual anthem as early as tonight.

We tried to do something new and sometimes new works and sometimes it doesn’t. Our guests told us they liked the traditional version. So our learning is that we shouldn’t have altered the traditional arrangement in the first place. As a national icon, we are pleased to get back to our traditional bilingual version!

We appreciate the patience of our guests – we certainly we didn’t mean to offend anyone and we’re sorry if we did.