Golden deep fried food…. The trade mark of most visits to the Stampede grounds, everyone raves about the deep fried Oreo’s, Those Little Donuts and Churros, but for those of us that cannot indulge in gluten ridden treats it can be a bit difficult to find delicious midway food.

This Centennial Year there are some options and I took it upon myself to test the Gluten Free meals out.

First stop, Fresh Cut Fries.  Golden, delicious fries. As they are made from fresh cut potatoes they offer a great snack and were served hot – straight from the deep fryer (I never said anything about Stampede food being healthy!). Smothered with ketchup (the only way to eat them in my opinion) they hit the spot!

Favourite gluten free meal would have to be the Naaco Bites (not recommended for celiac or those with a serious allergy as they are cooked in the same oil as the samosas). It’s not very often that I get to indulge in battered deep-fried food so I jumped at the opportunity to test out the chicken sausages coated in corn and chick-pea flour. I wasn’t disappointed – crispy on the outside and perfectly cooked chicken on the inside.

And last but not least you can’t leave the Stampede without trying something  sweet – Mackay’s ice cream on a hot day helps cool the system down and provide some much needed relief from the heat. Vanilla is my favourite treat, but the mint chocolate chip tasted amazing too! So many flavours to choose from…wonder how many I would have to eat a day to try each one?

Los Compadres
One of the Gluten Free options on my list to try
Naaco Truck
Where to taste test the Naaco bites – Located near the dreamhome!
Just another option to indulge gluten free style

As always, please exercise caution when ordering, the vendors do their best but cannot guarantee that the food has not come into contact with an allergen.