A few weeks ago (our blog site hasn’t been cooperating), Candice, Dani and I had the great honor of being invited to a Canadian Citizenship Ceremony. This ceremony was held at the BMO Centre on the Calgary Stampede grounds, and its purpose was to grant official Canadian citizenship to one hundred individuals, in honor of the Calgary Stampede Centennial.
These new Canadians have come from all different parts of the world, and many have endured unfathomable circumstances in their previous homes; it is with great relief and gratitude that they live in our wonderful country now. I was so honored to meet some of these individuals on what was sure to be one of the most significant days of their lives. Most of these people have been living in Canada for many years and have been waiting for the day that they could finally call themselves Canadians.
While seated on the stage listening to the judge speak of the significance of becoming a Canadian citizen, it occurred to me how very fortunate those of us who were born in Canada really are. I have always known how beautiful our land is, and the western heritage that is Alberta’s has always been my way of life, but I must admit that until now there have been times when I had taken our freedom and peace for granted.
I am so grateful for these incredible experiences that open my eyes and alter my perspective, the role of a Calgary Stampede Princess is so much more than smiling and waving to the crowds. I am proud to be an ambassador for such an incredible city, province and country, and I have never felt more blessed to be a Canadian.
Princess Jessica