It’s no secret that 2012 marks 100 years of The Greatest Outdoor Show on Earth.

What IS a secret, though, is… what’s in the box? How did it get there? When will it be opened? By whom?

The box you see above is more than a simple box… it’s a vessel through time. This year, the Calgary Stampede and its Next Generation committee (NGC) are going to give you a chance to immortalize your Stampede memories in a way like never before – a chance to pass them down through the ages.

Ask yourself: What did the Stampede look like in 1912? What did our small city on the prairies look like? What was life like?

Compare that to the Stampede experience of 2012. The bustling metropolis with the small-town heart that is today’s Calgary. The things that we take for granted as a part of everyday life – televisions, cell phones, the Internet, medicine that would have seemed like miracles a century ago.

This year, the Next Generation committee is giving you a chance to participate. We are collecting your memories and best moments to include in the Time Capsule.

You may be asking yourself- how do I get involved? What sorts of items will make it into the Time Capsule? What would you like to see in the Time Capsule? Do you have a piece of history you would like to donate? Please send a photo and story of your item to or Tweet us @CS_NGC with #CStimecapsule and someone will be in touch.

This spring, the Next Generation committee will be attending the community celebrations being held in 4 Corners of our city- (more info on that here!) Four Corners presented by BURNCO was developed to help engage community residents with the Calgary Stampede and expose all Calgarians to the western heritage and values that the Stampede embodies.

Us “NGC’ers” will be at all 4 Corners collecting ideas on what you would like to see added to the Time Capsule- this is truly a celebration for all, we want as much community input as possible!

In the meantime…if you want a head start on how to get involved, send us an email with the answer to one of these two questions:

What is your favourite Stampede memory?


What do you think the Calgary Stampede will look like in 2112?

Email your submission to: and be sure to include your contact information in the event you are chosen for one of our many prizes available for Time Capsule contributors! (Think Gate Admissions, Rodeo Tickets, Evening Show Tickets…etc!)

…One last thing -make sure you become a follower of the NGC Twitter account for all the latest information regarding what sorts of items we’re looking for, scoop on the prizes we’re handing out and much more!