With the Calgary Stampede celebrating its Centennial we thought it was a good idea to explore your taste buds with some unusual flavour combinations!

If you know anything about the food at the Calgary Stampede, you know that we’ll deep-fry just about anything we can get our hands on! This year we got our new deep fried Kool-Aid, Wagon Wheels or even veggies!

Deep fried Kool-Aid

Various flavours are added to a finger-licking dough and fried to a golden crisp

Deep fried Vegetables

Tempura coated sweet potatoes, zucchini, broccoli, cauliflower, and mushrooms

Deep Fried Pickle chips

Sliced Pickles dipped in buttermilk and battered with spices.

Deep fried Wagon Wheels

Dipped in funnel cake batter, this classic treat will be rolling over the competition


We also have some new sweet treats sure to get your sweet tooth aching!

Red Velvet Funnel Cake

Topped with a yummy icing

Bacon and Maple Syrup Funnel Cake

Bacon on a funnel cake???. The best of both worlds – sweet and savoury!

Whiskey Fudge

Distinctive and flavourful fudge made with Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Whiskey®

Loukoumathes – Greek Honey puffs

Golden puffs of fried dough bathed in sweet syrup and sprinkled with cinnamon and walnuts


We also have a few new items for those  who are trying to watch their figure, but still take their taste buds on a rollercoaster ride.

Beef Bacon Sandwiches

Bacon that is healthy? Yep! Leaner than traditional pork bacon, enjoy this sandwich guilt free

 Salt Spring Noodle Bar Stir Fry

A healthy gourmet noodle box cooked with fresh veggies, chicken and no oil!


Carb friendly, a mouthwatering Polish or Italian sausage is served with a side of mustard


We also have some of the classics and put a spin on them.

Jalapeno Corndogs

A jalapeno flavoured dog fires up this corndog

Taco Pizza

A traditional pizza crust with Mexican inspired toppings

Pulled Pork Poutine

Pulled pork, cheese curds, fries, gravy…Mmmmmmmmmm

Let’s not forget about the Food Trucks that will be new to the Midway this year on Stamp-Eat Street.

Los Compadres – Authentic Mexican  – Esquites

Warm corn salad in a cup

Naaco Truck – Neo-Retro Indian  – Naaco Bits

Butter chicken sausage, sliced, battered and deep fried

Mighty Skillet – Brunch Truck

Renegade Roundup Pancrepe breakfast cone (bacon, sausage and scrambled eggs) and everything breakfast!

Of course we still have some of the unique treats we had in the past that will either get you drooling or running away in trepidation!

Colossal Onion

Deep Fried Pop Tart

Deep Fried Oreo


Pulled Pork Parfait

Pork Chop-on-a-stick

10 flavors of Poutine

Cricket Pizza and Pizza-on-a Stick

Deep Fried Cheese


Jumbo Turkey legs

Deep fried Coke

Now some of these more unusual culinary treats may be a little too adventurous for some out there, so we have still have the classic foods we all love.

Corn dog

Mini Donuts

Cotton Candy

Candy Apple


Beef on a Bun


Stay tuned for more news on food and have a great adventure exploring Calgary’s Largest food court.