Yes, the baby pigs were my favorite last week at Aggie Days. I had to be pulled away by my fellow royalty; otherwise I would have stayed with them all week! We made friends with two very special young swine exhibitors named Ceili and Georgia. These two girls were from Airdrie and they were very helpful and explained to us all about pigs and piglets!

I loved being at Aggie days last week. As a student in elementary, my class went almost every year. So this year it was great to be back at Aggie days and be a part of the show. Each day the girls and I would ride in for the grand entry of the rodeo, and then afterwards, sign posters and postcards for all of the kids visiting that day.

Each day we were able to go and visit more animals and exhibits! I loved holding the baby chicks and I even got to kiss a Llama named Felix!!!  On Saturday, we were able to be a part of the Calgary Stampede Queen’s Alumni program called Giddy Up Aggie Days. We mixed and mingled with some very special children and their families and took pictures with them! Our special guest at the photo booth was a kid (a baby goat) named Centennial, after the 100 year celebration of the Stampede. He sat nice for almost all the pictures, until he had to go to the bathroom…on my lap!! We were even able to go back to the sandbox days and play with all the John Deere toys too!

Overall, the girls and I had a great time at Aggie days! There was lots going on down at the grounds last week and I wish I had more time to see it all! There was Extreme Cowboy Racing on the last day, which is something that my horse Nitro and I love to do! For those of you who love dogs, there was also a big dog trial on which I wish I could have seen more of. A friend of mine from home named Wendy Schmaltz was competing with her dogs and it was great to run into her and catch up! Another friend from home, Chad Lausen, was also competing in the Canadian Horseshoeing Championships this past weekend at the Stampede grounds! It was great to see so many people from involved either as a competitor or as an exhibitor, or just simply enjoying the festivities.  Aggies Days is so much more than baby animals, it’s five days dedicated to agriculture, rodeo and farm life! It was such a fun filled week and I recommend going next year to anyone who missed it…or perhaps stopping by the Stampede this July to see more!