If anyone was confused about the difference between the Calgary Humane Society and the Vancouver Humane Society (VHS), a letter to editor published last week in the Calgary Herald, certainly helps provide some clarity.

Here are our thoughts about the difference between these two organizations.

1. The Calgary Humane Society is an animal welfare organization, provides hands-on care for more than 7,000 animals annually; the VHS is an animal rights group that focuses its efforts on public relations.

2. The Calgary Humane Society takes action that leads to change every year at the Stampede; the Vancouver activists simply lob letters and news releases over the mountains at Calgary. Over the past 10 years, suggestions by the Calgary Humane Society (and Alberta SPCA and a team of veterinarians) have led to dozens of enhancements to the Stampede’s animal care practices. http://corporate.calgarystampede.com/about/animal-care/fact-sheets/collaborating-on-animal-care.html

3. By publicly criticizing the Calgary Humane Society – clearly trying to embarrass them – the VHS reveals that publicity, even at the expense of another animal group, is their goal.

The Calgary Humane Society is one of Calgary’s most respected organizations – and one of Canada’s most respected humane societies – it deserves better than potshots from afar.