Wednesday, June 8th was a very exciting evening at the new ATCO Blue Flame Kitchen in downtown Calgary.  It was the semi-finals of  ‘The Great Chili Cook-Off’ by children from Boys and Girls Clubs of Calgary. The 18 participants had qualified after preliminaries earlier in June at their clubs.  This event was under the very capable direction of Sabrina del Ben from ATCO — Sabrina provided each child with a monogrammed chef’s hat and colourful ATCO apron- the enthusiastic and proud children quickly got underway making their chilli and accompanying bread – they were all smiles and teamwork was very evident. Chefs from ATCO provided supervision  but the children did the work!

Each team of three made either a beef, chicken or vegetarian chilli from an ATCO recipe, with the allowance of at least one secret ingredient.  When all dishes were ready, each team presented to the judges (representatives of the Calgary Fire Deptartment, Calgary Stampede Kitchen Theatre and the Boys and Girls Clubs) with each chilli being judged for colour, aroma, texture, flavour and heat.  They were all very good,  everyone had a lot of fun and each team was declared a winner for something.

Lunch was provided by ATCO and each child left smiling and feeling like a winner! The three  teams judged to have made the best chilis will be participating in the finals on the Calgary Co-Op Kitchen Theatre at Calgary Stampede on Wednesday, July 13 (Children’s Day).

A huge thank you to Sabrina del Ben and ATCO staff for sponsoring this event.