My reign as 2010 Calgary Stampede Indian Princess has been an unforgetable experience filled with adventure and excitment. The year has definitely had a positive impact on my personal growth and maturity. I am very happy with my contribution towards the Calgary Stampede and the Indian Village. I am feeling very complete as my year comes to an end.

Twelve months ago, I was unsure what I was stepping into as Indian Princess but now that the year is over, I have gained a new understanding of my world. The royalty program prepared me with great leadership and public speaking training – I feel confident stepping into the world as a mature young lady.

It was such a wonderful and humbling experience to represent the Indian Village and the First Nation people of the Treaty 7 area. I have many more great friends as a result and I thank all the people who welcomed me into their lives and alowed me to share my Blackfoot culture with them. I walk away with great memories that I will hold dear to my heart.

In my year as Indian Princess I wanted to represent the Calgary Stampede and the Indian Village with as much pride and enthusiasm as I could create. I believe I did this. I will continue to encourage all young cowgirls and young native girls to compete in the Royal Trio and the Indian Princess competition. It was such a great experience where you grow as a person, meet wonderful people, attend world class events and make friendships that will last a lifetime.

I want to send my gratitude to all my supporters, new friends, the Calgary Stampede, the Indian Princess Committee and Indian Events Committees and most importantly, my family. I wish each of you the very best.

I’m confident the next Indian Princess will have an equally rewarding year.

Farewell and THANK YOU!
Sahvanne Weasel Traveller
Calgary Stampede Indian Princess 2010