The Cinderella story played out a little bit last night as Neal Walgenbach won the Richard Cosgrave Memorial as the aggregate champion.  Like I said earlier, I have been with Neal when we were so close to winning this award in the past and just missed it.  To win in his last year – what a story!  While we were on stage, they played a clip of Richard that just about brought us to tears.  For those of us that knew him, it was emotional to be given our buckles by Richard’s wife Tara, mother Bernice, and son Colt.  That is a moment I will never forget.  I would like to thank Dustin Gorst for allowing me to go on stage with Neal, that was a classy thing for him to do.  I rode the first 4 nights with Neal, and Dustin rode the last 3 nights in my place because I had to ride for Luke Tournier in that heat.  Dustin is a great guy and I will find a way to make that up to him.  Anyway, the final 8 is decided and we run the last 2 heats tonight to see who makes the $100K dash on Sunday night.  The Orville Strandquist Rookie title is still up for grabs between Devin Mitsuing and Brian Mayan.  I wish they could both win it as I know it would be special to both of those drivers.  Anyway, you should come watch the last 2 nights, I know it will be exciting.

Thank You