Where can you find fancy cowboy boots along side the latest gadgets and gizmos?  The Stampede Market, of course!  All your traditional favourites, such as the slicer and the massage pads are back, as well as many new products to check out.  And don’t forget all the yummy treats inside as well.  There are different kinds of ice cream (dippin’ dots, shakes and nitro ice cream), candied nuts, fudge, mini cakes and mini donuts; and of course coffee and lemonade.

Here’s of some of the great new stuff you’ll find in the Stampede Market – but you should really come and check it out for yourself.  You can get your boots shined, vibrate off that last corndog you tried, or get your photo taken in old fashioned costumes or in front of a Saskatchewan green screen.  There’s giftware from all over the world, including Burma, Tanzania and Kenya, Ecuador, and all over the UK.  There is beautiful wood furniture made of mesquite and teak, and the artists are here and would love to explain their work.  Get in shape with sketchers shape-ups, and yoga wear as well.  There is every kind of jewellery you can think of, from amber to silver, stones and bling. 

We have aromatherapy and pet accessories, along with plenty of clothing and hats.  Of course, there are all the home gadgets you can imagine, from the robotic vacuum to the latest steam cleaner to the garlic grater.  There are hot tubs and lawn swings, massage chairs and beds, and plenty of pillows and silk bedding to put on them.  You can pick up a perfume, detox your feet or smooth out your legs.  There are plenty of beauty products, for your face, your skin and your hair – you can even bling it out.  There are kitchen appliances, like knives and cookware, as well as ladders, hoses and nozzles for the backyard.

As you can see, there is something for everyone.  To see a complete listing, click this link: http://cs.calgarystampede.com/upload/media_element/131/01/bmo_centre_map.pdf

Don’t forget to visit the 101.5 Energy FM booth and enter to win a $1500 Market Shopping spree.  So, bring your credit card, and happy shopping!