Hi there, this is my first entry on the Stampede blog and I thought I should tell you a little about myself.

 I farm close to Calgary, in the Conrich area, and have been mixed farming (livestock and grain farming) for the last 38 years. Some of you may know me as Farmer Dave from another blog I have done for the Calgary Stampede- just one of my many projects as an eight year volunteer with this organization. Some of my previous work has been as chair of the Agriculture Education Committee, and involvement in Aggie Days and Agrium Ag-Tivity in the City – my passion is to educate people about agriculture and its connection to everyday life.

 In my blog entries over the next 10 days I will entertain and educate you with stories from the wonderful world of agriculture at the Calgary Stampede. I hope you will enjoy these snapshots and glimpses into one of the most important industries in Alberta, and I invite you to ask me questions.

 You will find me down at Stampede Park almost everyday…when I’m not haying and spraying. I hope to see you here!