Did you know that every year during the 10 day Stampede, Stampede City becomes the third largest city in Alberta? Larger than Lethbridge and Red Deer all within 193 hectares! With an average of 120,000 visitors to the park, infrastructure is needed to help keep the park safe, clean and green which is no easy feat.

There is an enormous team that works behind the scenes to keep this city within a city moving. On park there are restaurants, cafes, medical services, police detachment, security force, logistics team, recycling plant, parking authority, garbage collectors, shopping centres, nightclubs and even communities, such as Weadickville and the Indian Village.

Another key component to this city within a city’s infrastructure is the 3,500 employees and 2,000 volunteers that help to keep all the wheels turning during the 10 day event. Being a city that attracts many international visitors, Stampede Park has a multi-lingual workforce in place with more than 40 languages spoken including: French, Spanish, Punjabi, Swahili and Blackfoot.

The province’s largest outdoor food court, complete with its own commercial food supply store can also be found at Stampede Park. More than 40 outdoor vendors sell everything from deep fried Oreos to nitro ice cream and of course, the traditional favourites such as mini-donuts and candy apples.

Recycling is also prominent in Stampede City. Everything from everyday waste to the grease used to fry corn dogs to the more than 10,000 plastic beer cups from Nashville North are recycled. The Stampede has made it very easy for guests to contribute, by placing a number of recycling receptacles on the Park. A new and unique initiative for this year involves the recycling of plush toys that guests have won on the midway and don’t want to keep.

Just like a regular city, the Stampede has an information centre or guest services to help visitors. The Howdy Team will be around various locations on the Park to answer any questions guests may have. There is also a new mobile information service implemented, where guests can text “Stampede” followed by their question to 313131 and a guest services representative will promptly respond. Standard text messaging rates apply.

The security in place to manage daily crowds of 120,000 people is impressive. The Stampede works closely with the Calgary Police Services, the Calgary Fire Department, and Emergency Medical Services in a combined effort to ensure the safety and security of every single person on the Park.

There sure is a lot happening on park to make sure you have a great Stampede. Stampede 2010 starts tomorrow so make sure to come down and check out this city within a city! Yahoo!