The Calgary Stampede has taken some great steps forward in an effort to help promote sustainability and contribute to a greener community. “The greenest power is the power you don’t use,” says Gerry McHugh, the Stampede’s Park Operations manager. “We are changing the culture on Stampede Park in an effort to reduce our carbon footprint through technology and the three R’s – reduce, reuse and recycle.”

“We are greening the 10 days of Stampede through switching out old lighting technology for new high efficiency lighting that uses less power and provides more light. Lights on Midway rides are not turned on until dusk and energy efficient LED lights are being introduced to cut power consumption.”

Here are just a few of the practices already in place at the Stampede:

Year-round initiatives
• A bulb eater that crushes fluorescent tubes and separates the mercury and phosphorous vapors.

• The environmental management system registered to ISO 14001 standards.

• Twenty on-demand hot water heaters on Park.

• Twenty waterless urinals on the Park.

• A no-idling policy.

• 3,649 trees saved in 2009 by recycling cardboard and paper.

• Approximately 1,230 trees, (many are heritage trees), and 6,515 shrubs contribute to a healthy ecosystem on the Park.

• Fleet right-sizing ensuring the most efficient vehicle is used for the task and use of bio-diesel.
10-day Stampede initiatives

• On average, 26,000 beverage containers recycled from the Midway alone.

• Approximately 10,000 plastic beer cups recycled from Nashville North.

• Over 79 metric tonnes of cardboard and recyclables collected in 2009.

• Approximately 1,800 kilograms of used cooking oil converted for use as bio-fuel.

• A solar powered trash compactor.

• Use of golf carts and Stampede’s first electric truck.

Have a look around when you are on park; be sure to put that piece of trash or recyclable container in the appropriate bin to help ensure we keep our space on park as clean as can be!  Yahoo…2 days left until Stampede 2010!!

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