Well, its been a busy week with all the setup around Stampede Park.  Even in the calm, cool Western Oasis, setup has been busy!

Watering the plants and getting the Oasis set up!

Over the last week, the construction team has worked during the day to set up the booths, build the Window on the West Stage and the Kitchen Theatre.  Then, at night, the landscape designers have been building, planting and watering all the rock and water features, and getting all the lush vegitation in.  Some of the biggest rocks had to come in with bobcats and large forklifts to get them into place.

 It’s been around-the-clock work in the Oasis for the last week to get everything in and built.  The decor team has also been busy, placing all sorts of interesting and authentic props.  Look for an outhouse, a shower, a red river cart and an old Bay blanket when you’re visiting the Oasis.

Some of the life sized bronzes have arrived as well.  They’re safely installed in their display homes, tucked in amonst the homestead, or set up around the campfires that fit each piece of art’s own uniqueness.

One of the large water features in the Western Oasis

 The Oasis team has been working with the lighting designer on what all the lights will look like to bring the ambience of the area to life once Stampede starts.  Tomorrow, the artists will be moving their pieces in, and then it will really start to look like an art show.  The Waltzing Waters will also be set up, so you can come and watch the dancing fountain, and when you show up, keep an eye out for some of the bronzes… that might not be real bronzes after all!