Media interviews in Draft Horse Town

Dot and Dolly went on a little pre-Stampede vacation and pack trip to the mountains with Bob and his family. So guess who got to go to the Draft Horse Town Media Day event – Hi, my name is Chinook.

More about Media Day in a minute. First a bit about me. I’m a 15 year-old Standardbred – NOT a draft horse. They (Bob, mostly) say that I have a wee bit of an attitude problem, but really I’m just highly misunderstood. You see I live with a bunch of draft horses that, well quite frankly, take up a lot of space. I’ve just got to make sure I hold my own with these “heavies”.

Next thing you need to know about me is that I can’t stand still. I’ve always got to be moving. Bob figured he could put some of my “nervous energy” to good use by having me step-up onto a horse treadmill – that happens to be attached to an ice cream maker. To my amazement, it worked! I just walk along (it’s sort of weird that I don’t really go anywhere) and about 45 minutes later everyone around me is snacking on ice cream (whatever that is). It seems to make them happy and it works for me too.

That's me, Chinook, above the crowd

I’m told that Dot & Dolly will be the “official” ice cream draft horses during Stampede. Of course there is some discussion of whether their rather large posteriors will actually fit on the treadmill (Did I say that out loud?). In the meantime I’ll just enjoy my moment in the sun and the glare of the media spotlight. Oh right, the media. That’s what I was supposed to talk about.

Okay, some of Calgary’s media folks came to Draft Horse Town, took a wagon ride, shot some video around the town centre and interviewed one of the Bobs (Dale Befus, like he’s supposed to be someone important) and some of the other Draft Horse Town folk. It was a big event on a great sunny morning, I MADE SOME ICE CREAM, and it was over almost as soon as it started.

As for Draft Horse Town – with just a few days left, things are really taking shape. All the roadbuilder and construction equipment is being moved in and shuffled around, exhibitors are starting to show up, and lots of flags and banners are being put up all over Draft Horse Town – yes that is a giant picture of Dot & Dolly on the front of the Heavy Horse Barn. The “show-offs”.