Cranes all ready to go!

If you’ve driven by Stampede Park over the last few days, you have seen the flurry of activity going on; the cranes and forklifts, and the colourful canopies of all the tents and trailers showing up on park.

Since Tuesday morning, we’ve been busy greeting North American Midway Entertainment, our Midway Partner, as well as many independent vendors who come to Stampede to provide the myriad of yummy treats, thrill rides, temporary tattoos and caricatures.

Cranes out to start setting up the rides

Everyone shows up on their own schedule, pulling trailers and trucks containing all their equipment carefully packed up inside.  They all know their booth location numbers ahead of time, and if they don’t – they call me!  They head to their spot, and start the process of offloading the truck, and putting their booths in the right spot.  Sometimes it takes a crane to offload something, or a forklift to move a booth a few feet into the perfect place.

Once the booths are in place, our electricians and plumbers make their way around the park, hooking everyone up for the power and water they ordered to get their booths up and running.  Then, they have to clean everything, check to make sure its working, make any repairs, test the lights and get ready to roll.  They have to check in to our office, pick up their packages that contain all the info they need to know, clear up any bills, get inspected and then hopefully get to take a break for a couple of days or at least a couple of hours.

The new midway ride the Skater, arriving on park on its truck from Winnipeg

So, when you come down to Stampede this year, and you see all the lights, hear the music and sample your favourite treat, now you know how it all works.