Did you know that Blacksmiths make more than just horseshoes?

Certainly, the people competing at this year’s World Championship Blacksmiths’ Competition at the Stampede will be making plenty of horseshoes as part of that competition, but those who have dedicated their lives to taking up the craft of metalwork have the abilities to create so much more.

The Metal Art Showcase gives these competitors an outlet to exercise their artistic freedom and to use their skills to create wonderful pieces of art out of metal. If artwork involving metal interests you, or if you’re looking for something unique to see at this Stampede, the Metal Art Showcase is happening at the Big Top and Palomino Room in the BMO Centre on Saturday, July 10.

There are three classes (or competitions) in the Metal Art Showcase that participants can compete in.

The first is the Pot Luck Artistic Forging class. Completely open to the public, and happening in the Big Top on Saturday, July 10 from 1 p.m. to 3 p.m., you’ll be able to watch competitors as they must forge an item spontaneously. Teams will have access to multiple pieces of steel and any tools they wish to use to create unique articles of their own design. Competitors may bring pre-made display stands, wires, hooks, etc. to aid them in their creations. All of the pieces created in this competition are donated to a silent auction that will be held in the Palomino Room in the BMO Centre later that night at 6 p.m. where you can bid on these creations if you wish.

The second is the Artistic Forging class. Like the Pot Luck Artistic Forging class, this also involves creating pieces of art primarily through traditional forging and blacksmithing techniques, with the difference being that these pieces are created ahead of time with no time limit placed on their creation whatsoever. Usually spectacular and intricate, pieces submitted to this competition will also be available for live auction in the Palomino Room on Saturday evening.

The final class is Artistic Metal Non-Forged. There are no limitations on the type of metal used, design, or construction technique and like the Artistic Forging class, these pieces are also created and submitted ahead of time, with no time limit on their creation. This is where you’ll see the work of wire art, silversmithing, basically any kind of metal work that doesn’t involve forging. Like the pieces submitted for the Artistic Forging class, all of the pieces submitted to this competition will also be up-for-grabs at a live auction in the Palomino Room later that night.

So if you’re trying to plan your Stampede in advance, and if artwork involving metal interests you (or if you’re simply looking for something different to check out this year), make sure to drop by the Metal Art Showcase happening on Saturday, July 10 with the Pot Luck Artistic Forging class happening from 1 p.m. to 3 p.m. in the Big Top, and the silent and live auctions happening in the Palomino Room in the BMO Centre starting at 6 p.m.