Last weekend, I attended a fitness workshop near Lyalta. It was supposed to be a lot of fun, as Dot, my teammate, and a number of other teams were taught how to use a lot of the equipment we’ll have at the Calgary Stampede. Everybody at home was mad that Dot and I are leaving, and they are quite vocal about it. If they weren’t so pathetic and small, they might have a place at Draft Horse Town too, but that is a whole other story. I was as excited about having a sleepover as I was about meeting some of the other competitors and athletes. Our farm manager, driver and foster parent – we’ll call him Bob, trailer-ed us to Lyalta and helped us to get ready for the first day’s events.

Dot and Dolly in training
Dot and Dolly doing some roadwork with Bob and Bob

Bob got us ready and we had an outside trainer – we’ll call him Bob too, inspect our harness to make sure our equipment was set up right. Then the day started. I was so excited, I couldn’t stop prancing up and down. All I wanted to do was run. Pretty soon, though I regretted my ‘race day’ planning because I succumbed to exhaustion. If I had only paced myself better, I wouldn’t have hit the wall later in the day. I always find the first 10 minutes of exercise the hardest, but I did ‘hit my groove’ later. Dot was worse than me. She started out fast and really pushed me psychologically. She never says anything, but I know when she is ready to really move. Then she just stopped and didn’t want to go. When we don’t work as a team its really frustrating and I ended up doing a lot of the work. Bob had quite a talk with us both during and after the session, trying to motivate us to work together and just keep moving. He was right, but I was too tired to listen.

The next morning, I was feeling good but a little stiff. But no rest for us, we got back at it. Amazingly, I had more energy than the previous day. I think I was actually getting fit! We went around and around the field. This time we walked, but we were pulling a lot of weight behind us. We kept in unison and it was soooo much easier! Bob saw it too and kept praising us for doing it right. I really felt like we were doing it perfectly and I know Dot did too.