By Killa Burkinshaw

It’s Saturday morning and I am up at the crack of dawn to go to the 50th Annual Daines Innisfail Parade with the Calgary Stampede Promotion Show Wagon and Harry the Horse. This is the first time I am going out with them so I am pretty excited!  We all met at Stampede Park and loaded up the show wagon trailer and truck, hit a Tim Horton’s because everyone runs better on Tim’s and headed out on the highway.

We pulled into Innisfail, piled out of the SUV and then started getting ready. First we had to get the horses ready by braiding and adding red and white ribbons, spraying the CS logo on, and preparing the show wagon.  Then, we went and joined the line of all the other people in the parade to wait our turn (the hardest part).

While we were waiting, we got to watch the Stampede Showriders practice some of their moves. The Wagon and the Showriders both received ribbons (awards) for coming to the parade (1st and 2nd). We then got on to the parade route and had Harry lead everyone in some Yahoo’s to get everyone pumped up. As we walked along the parade route we gave away Stampede and Harry the horse buttons and pins and huge high fives, which the kids that lined the route loved.

We finished the parade and got back to the truck and the trailer where we packed up the trailer and stopped for a quick lunch and then pulled out on to the highway and came back to Calgary, our home base, where we put everything away for our next trip to bring the Stampede Spirit to the rest of the world.