What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever had on a pizza?  Well, if your choices usually tend towards the pepperoni & mushroom or cheese varieties, this Stampede is your chance to branch out – with cricket pizza and alligator pizza. 

Yes, you read that right.  Cricket and alligator pizza.  In case you missed it, cricket and alligator pizza were available last year, and they are back for 2010, but only at 7pm daily and on a limited first come, first serve basis, so don’t miss out!

Not to worry, these toppings are edible and completely safe.  The crickets are imported from a producer who specializes in the weird and wonderful of the food world.  They are cheese and bacon flavoured as well as sour cream and onion flavoured, and are grown with the intention of being fully edible.  Alligator meat is a delicacy too…mmm, tastes like chicken!

You’ll find this pizza in the Pizza-on-a-Stick trailer across from Nashville North.  So, whether it takes a dare, some liquid courage – or maybe you’re naturally inclined to be culinarily adventurous, make sure you give this pizza a try.