Food is everywhere on the midway. But, for people with food sensitivities, it can be challenging to find a treat or snack that works. With that in mind, we asked Sheila Blacklock, a registered dietician, and our midway food vendors to help us pull together a list of a few yummy options for our food-sensitive visitors. Remember, it’s always good practice to ask vendors how they prepare their foods to make sure your particular needs are met.  And, if you’re in doubt, pack a snack for your day at the Stampede, making sure you’ve got what you need to have a fun and safe day on Park.

Gluten-free or lactose intolerant?  Check out Avatara Pizza, located across from the Dream Home, for some gluten-free, lactose-free and diabetes friendly menu items. Or, try the gluten-free bison ribs and burgers at Sizzlin’ Bison Grill located just north of the Nashville North tent.

Thirsty? Lemon Heaven Lemonade, with four locations on Stampede Park, carry gluten-free products and if you ask, they’ll whip up a sugar-free version for people with diabetes.

Looking for a hormone, steroid, antibiotic-free and gluten-free hot dog on Park? Second to None Meats products are locally grown and produced and all are hormone, steroid and antibiotic free.  You’ll find them in Weadickville.

Vegetarian?  How about a meatless pie from Rocky Mountain Pies located across from Jaycee Park. And, Foods of Mexico, located south of the Stampede Corral lists meatless burritos, tacos and taco salad with refried beans on their menu choices.

Dining at a Premium Seating or restaurant venue?  Please inform your server of any sensitivities, ask them questions, and our kitchen would be happy to address your needs.

Midway Treats? Cotton candy, mini-donuts, hot Wisconsin cheese, candy apples, fudge, Corn on the Cob and deep fried pickles. These yummy treats that will fit into any balanced diet when enjoyed in moderation, so for the “10 days of fun” they might even make the list for our food sensitive visitors.

We hope these suggestions give you some options for helping you to find food that you can enjoy during your visit to the Stampede. See you in July!