We all know the smell; we wait for it all year. It’s that unmistakable aroma of the sweet yet salty, crispy yet soft, irresistible midway treat; the corn dog. Although there are countless ways to enjoy this mouth watering treat, we all have our own personal preference. And to those die-hard enthusiasts, we dress our dog the same way year after year.

The purists have their corn dog strait up. Maybe it’s the belief that the dog in itself is good enough on its own, or maybe you’re just not willing to contend with the sticky condiments dripping while walking and eating.

Then there are the stripers. We’ve all seen these walking the midway; the single stripe of vibrant yellow, red or both dominating the outside of the corn dog. This way of dressing your dog suggests ones desire for the enhancement of a condiment, yet speed of application is paramount. The draw of the midway and its bright lights and loud noises require you to be tied up at the condiment station for minimal time.

If you’re a free-stlyer, you dress your corn dog however, whenever. This could mean, zig-zag, dots, one big glob, well, you get the idea. You’re at the Calgary Stampede to enjoy the full-on assault of the senses. You don’t care how you dress your dog, or do you? How do you dress your Corn Dog?

Either way, the corn dog has long since been a staple on the midway and shows no signs of fading. The only question that remains is whether or not you’re willing to share?