This week’s topic is something that I think we all love – music!  Did you know that the Calgary Stampede is one of Canada’s largest music festivals?  Pretty amazing considering that the 10-day event probably wouldn’t even pop to mind if I asked you to name major musical events across Canada.  I think that the rodeo and other western themes kind of overshadow the sheer amount of live music that’s being performed every day on Park.

However, in the interest of broadening your perception of everything that Stampede has to offer, consider this:

  • During the week there will be over 250 live musical performances on Park
  • The variety of styles performed is pretty extensive – pop, hip hop, country, folk, rock, alternative, childrens, world, Native American, musical theater, the list goes on and on
  • The Coke stage has 36 performances during the 10 days, Nashville North has 44
  • Our own Stampede Showband performs in a variety of different ensembles at least 13 times daily
  • The Stampede Talent Search, with almost daily performances, features youth from 6-21 years and has featured artists like Paul Brandt and Michael Bernard Fitzgerald
  • There are also several daily performances on the Saddledome Plaza Stage and many different acts that make up the Grandstand show!

The best part is that with the exception of the concerts in the Pengrowth Saddledome and the evening Grandstand show, all of these other performances are INCLUDED in the price of gate admission!

Have I managed to convince you that music is a really big deal at Stampede?  If you’re looking for specifics on when and where your favorite artist is playing, or if you want to check out something entirely different, visit the Stampede website and learn more. You can plan out a pretty jam-packed 10 days of concert-going and maybe you’ll even expand your musical tastes.

Let us know what kind of bands you’re excited to see on Twitter at @calgarystampede or on Facebook through our official Facebook fan page.  Yahoo!