Japanese Dog: terriyaki sauce, fried onion, japanese mayo and seaweed

This just in – we’ve just confirmed that the Japanese Hot Dog is coming to Stampede!  Remember the most popular food from the Vancouver Olympics?  Well, we’ll have our own version of it at Stampede this year.  Think of a hot dog, with terriyaki sauce, fried onion, japanese mayo and seaweed.  We’re excited to have it here at Stampede this year for everyone who couldn’t make it out to the Olympics to try.

 If seaweed isn’t quite your thing, not to worry, there are other flavours to try.  How about the Chicago Dog – with pickle, tomato, peppers, mustard, relish and celery salt.  Or the Mexican dog, with bacon, tomato, fried onion, homemade jalapeno sauce and mayo.  You can even make your own gourmet concoction using toppings like fried egg, cheese, chilli, lettuce, mushrooms, or sauerkraut.

 Look for the booth just past the Coca-Cola stage, on your way to the midway.  And wipe that drool off your chin before it drips on to your keyboard.

Mmmmmmmmmmm.......... Chicago dog