This morning at 6am was the official start to 2010 Stampede midway set-up. We call it “painting the midway”

Every year at the beginning of June we pull out our two trusty line stripers, boxes of special striping paint, a giant wheel of string and our brand new, infamous measuring wheel (our old one got run over by the police – long story).

Somehow, we have to make everything that comes to the Calgary Stampede fit into the space we have on park. We take our scale midway map and measure everything out on the ground, every foot counts, so we have to be bang on.

Once we have measured strategic points with our measuring wheel, we put string on the ground to keep a line, point A to point B, nice and straight. Or as straight as you can in the cold and wind today!

This morning we were measuring out the Midway Circus FMX track, as well as where the portable washroom buildings go by Nashville North, and the perimeter space for the Bull’s Eye Cook Shack.

We will spend each morning this week painting the midway, as well as another week after the Oil show, finishing up the little details. All the white dotted lines and arrows you see all over the parking lot over the next few weeks, that’s what we’ve been up to!

Christine V using the Striper to paint the Midway Circus