I run into some computer problems that last couple of days, but we are back up and running now.  As the week rolls along, the pressure sure builds for some and diminishes for others that are out of it.  It is going to be a real crapshoot to see who gets in that final 8, as there are realistically about 12 guys still with a shot.  Penalties are crucial to avoid, but I guess one man’s bad luck could be another man’s good luck.  As an outrider, the worst thing in the world is if you cost your driver a penalty that prevents him from getting in the top 8, or the top 4 on Sunday.  That is your biggest fear, but it is part of the game.  We can’t make an outfit win, but we can make him lose, which is kind of a tough spot to be in sometimes.  Right now I have 3 wagons that are in contention. Neal Walgenbach is clinging to 8th right now, but by 3/100’s so we need to make a big run on Friday to keep him in there.  Rae Croteau is 9th with 8 seconds penalties, looking to get in there, and Chad Harden is fifth.  We just need to keep things clean and let the drivers decide it.