Well I got my wish, it was a great night for wagon racing.  The track was dry and the racing was fast.  Obrey Motowylo tore up the track with a day money win, and Rae Croteau and Chad Harden both had good runs off the 4 barrel.  We had the re-draw last night and I managed to keep all my drivers except 1- Jim Nevada.  I had to quit Jim to ride for Luke Tournier, which was tough because Jim is a brother to me.  Jim’s barn is where I have always hung my hat, we have travelled together for 20 years, and we are partners in one of the horses that he is using this week.  But Luke Tournier has been my first call ever since Jim retired a few years ago, and Jim isn’t running with the WPCA circuit anymore.  Oh well, the boys in the barn are bugging me pretty hard, calling me a traiter and stuff, but it is all in good fun.  We just passed the midway point, but the next 3 days are crucial to get in to the top 8 for Saturday night.  One way or another, it will be exciting.  Thank You